Hamed Nazari
Documentary Photographer-Film Maker-Video Editor.

Borned in Tabriz-Iran.
He started self-educated photography in 2007 and cooperated with interior journals and news agencies from 2009 until 2013.
In 2011 he started photojournalism and documentary photography by covering Iran's Azerbaijan area earthquake that year. His main focus is on climate change, relatives, and religion in Iran.Cooperation with Magma and Atlas magazines of Turkey 2013-2014.

Creator:  River Production (Management & Production) agency representing leading talent in the creative fields- 2018.

-Rima: Documentary film (Multimedia)-About Urmia Lake (The Once Great Salt Lake)-2018.

-Sheed Documentary Photo Award Nominee - 2013-2014.
-Sony Photography Award mobile photo festival selection (as the top 20 mobile photographers in the world)-2015.
-International Photography Grant- Crisis of Urmia Lake-2017

-Entrance to the exhibition section of the United Nations Photo Festival of Humanity HPA- China 2013.
-Group Exhibition in Silk Road Gallery-Tehran-Iran-2018.
-Group Exhibition in Hinterland Gallery-Vienna-Austria-2021.

Hamed Nazari

Documentary photographer - Video Editor - Hamed Nazari
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